It Happened!

It happened! Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic
Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid
Relief with Logosynthesis®)
 has ten 5-star reviews on


See the reviews for yourself at! They are labeled this

  • Miraculous!
  • Surprisingly effective! Definitely recommended
  • Letting It Go is an easy and quick read on a
    complicated topic.
  • Try it for yourself, it is amazing!
  • A "must have" of many uses.
  • I recommend this book to anyone.
  • Amazing Results
  • "Letting" is just the word!
  • What a great method I can't believe how different I
    felt and …
  • What a wonderful and inspiring book.

I am very excited that this book really is making a
difference for lots of people!

Need I say more? Get your copy now! It is available in
print and as an ebook most places books are sold. Your
bookstore can order it for you. Audio is coming soon.

Libraries will consider offering a book with 25
reviews, so after you read your copy, please add your
review to the list.

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It’s What I Hoped For!

Something wonderful is happening! Yesterday I met with
a group of people who got copies of Letting It Go 
a few weeks ago. They reported using the information in the
book to use Logosynthesis by themselves to make changes
in their lives that amazed them. They were incredibly
excited and I was awed! What I hoped for in writing the
book is actually happening.

And most of them asked to buy more books to share with
people they care about. In fact, when I started
thinking about it, I realized that once people tell me
how much they like the book, they tell me that after
they read it and started to use it, they gave it to
their daughter or husband or son or brother or best

This is very exciting and I keep thinking about more
and more ways that we can spread this wonderful,
magical gift I have been given.

Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic 
Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only 
Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®

should now be available on all major bookselling platforms. 
You can also order it through bookstores.

The truth is, there’s much more to letting people know
about this book than I can do myself. There are things
that only I can do. They include creating materials and
webpages for people who come to my website looking for
information. I haven’t done them yet.

I stop myself by thinking I should wait until
everything is done, but it never will be all done. So
as one of my teachers once said, “I’m trying to build
this bicycle while I’m riding it downhill at 50 miles
an hour.”

I need all the help I can get. First, if you haven’t
read the book yet, get a copy and read it now. You’ll
be glad you did. If you have read the book, please
leave a review on or wherever 
you purchase the book. Then get an extra copy and share it
with someone you love.

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Is Watching This Stuff Really Harmless?

I recently discovered that lots of people, me included,
are feeling lots of stress about the current political
situation. I reduced my stress using Logosynthesis and
felt much better.

I have known for a long time that I hate watching
snarky characters putting each other down on TV shows.
Until recently I considered that a sign of being uncool
and a personal weirdness. I just posted an article
about how those things are related and you can read it

Meanwhile Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic
Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words is in the
book cover design stage while I am completing the final
details of the extra material for the book. I am
excited about the early reviews.

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We Wouldn’t Have Known…

The effectiveness of people using Logosynthesis by
themselves continues to surprise me. Perhaps that's
because I only hear their self-reports and usually
don't get to see the results of the work. In teaching a
four-session class on self-coaching and Logosynthesis
I’ve been privileged to hear reports from a mother and
her teenage daughter about each other.

During the second session, the self-report by the
mother was "I’m using it about little things that bug
me and I’m feeling more relaxed." The daughter said,
"Yes, you’re not going to your room and crying for
hours! I like it better this way."

During the third session, the daughter said, “I'm using
it about little things and it seems to help, but I'm
afraid to try it about anything big." Her Mom said,
"She's much more relaxed and smiling and having fun
with her friends instead of withdrawing."

We've known for a while that self-reporting doesn't
necessarily give us very accurate information about the
effectiveness of our work. Jonathan had a client he saw
only once. Her husband had been badly injured by an 
attacker and she came to see him because she was so 
overwhelmed by all of the things she needed to do to 
manage the situation that she was virtually frozen. 
She was unable to decide what to do first, so she did 

Jonathan did some Logosynthesis work about her frozen
energy and she made a second appointment, unaware that
the work had much impact. Later, she called and
canceled the appointment. When he asked why, she
explained that she was so busy with all the things she
was doing that she didn’t have time to see him.

Apparently she had solved the problem by doing the work
with Logosynthesis, but had forgotten that the problem
of being unable to decide what to do had ever existed.

We are thoroughly enjoying teaching people about the
power of this tool. Unfortunately, we have only been
able to make the four session class available to people
who can travel to our home. Lately I've been wondering
if technology like Skype would allow us to teach our
experiential self-coaching training with a group
instead of just one-on-one. (I know it works

Are you interested in being part of an experimental
group learning self-coaching with Logosynthesis in 4
2-hour virtual sessions? If enough people are
interested, We'd like to try it.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the details of
publishing my new book. The title is now, Letting It
Go: Release Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just A Few
Minutes, Using Only Words. This part isn't as rewarding
as doing the writing, but I need to do it in order to
get the book finished. I’ll keep you posted.


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Whose Instructions Are You following?

It is February! My backyard is covered with snow and
here I am in 60 degree weather sitting on my Colorado
patio and typing away. Even if this is evidence of
global warming, I am enjoying the unseasonal weather.

The long to-do list involved with publishing books in
general is right here in my computer. Writing something
every day is part of it, so I can justify this
self-indulgence but why should I feel like I need to?
Why should I even call writing this letter

It is way too easy to give in to the habit of creating
stress in my own life by expecting unrealistic things
from myself! One of the challenges of using a guided
self-change process like Logosynthesis® is learning to
backtrack and notice just what caused the distress I am
feeling right now – even when that distress is very

Have you noticed how minor stuff often turns out to be
the tip of the iceberg? Asking “Why on earth am I doing
this now?” is a great practice. Just noticing that I am
doing this right now is useful.

As I write this, a picture comes up of me at age about
15, draped over a large easy chair sideways, reading
some kind of wonderful book (maybe even a college
textbook from the shelf.) My mother comes in and says
“Get up and do something.” Okay, I see the connection.
Doing something good is not good enough, a voice I have
taken into myself long ago is telling me to do
something better. Now, over a half century later the
voice is still there.

Using the Logosynthesis “magic” sentences changes my
perspective and a new voice reminding me to do only one
thing at a time is very comforting.

If you are one of the many people who have already
learned this process, I invite you to try it when you
feel stressed. You can read about it at Soon you will be able to read
about it in my nearly completed book, Letting It Go:
Relieve Toxic Stress and Anxiety in Just a Few Minutes
Using Only Words

If you would like to resolve a stressful challenge and
experience the process personally, I am available to
work with you by phone or Skype for as little as 30
minutes. Often, that is all it takes to make you forget
the problem ever existed. Contact me at for an 



PS Jonathan B. Weiss, my husband, IT department and
business partner, has appointment time available too.
We are currently the only 2 certified Logosynthesis
practitioners in the US.



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