Services for Couples


When you love each other, but…

  • You can't talk without fighting
    • One of you had an affair
    • You're driving each other crazy
    • You're scared to talk about money
    • You're afraid divorce is the only solution
    • You're overcommitted and distracted
    • You just can't forgive
    • He/She is a control freak
    • You're sure your partner is the one who needs to change
    • You just want her to get off your back
    • You just want him to do his part
    • You've suffered a major loss

We can help.

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Why us?

There are hundreds of people offering relationship advice on the Internet, and thousands more offline. How are you going to know who to listen to, who to trust with the most important part of your life?

All these adviser have credentials; so do we. They have all probably talked to lots of different people; so have we.

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So what's different about us?

Very simple: we have been there AND we have applied our training, knowledge, theories, understandings, etc., to our own personal and business lives, and have lived to tell the tale. 

We've been married (TO EACH OTHER) for over 48 years. We've been business partners for 36 years.  We've experienced, survived, and grown from almost everything that two people together will ever run into:

    • Major and minor moves, career changes, failures and successes;
    • Stagnation, new directions, changing roles;
    • Separations, distance, infidelity;
    • A stillborn child — our first;
    • Births;
    • Children growing, grown, moving out, succeeding, failing;
    • Teenage runaways, drug abuse, and impressive achievements;
    • The deaths of all four parents — long illnesses, nursing homes, suicide;
    • Investment successes and miserable failures;
    • Giving advice, getting advice, using advice, ignoring advice, regretting advice;
    • Laughing, yelling, grieving, plodding, creating, committing, sharing;
    • Getting older, loving it and hating it;
    • Caring for grandchildren.

    Sometimes we think that the only important experience we have missed is the rich learning of a divorce, but we have worked with plenty of people

      • Before, 
      • During, 
      • After, 
      • Instead of, 
      • Preventing it or encouraging it, 

      that we think we have some wisdom anyway.

      So get this free audio presentation now, and listen to some REAL experts talk about what REALLY  happens in relationships, and how you can use the information to make a difference in yours. — OR, just call 303-794-5379 now to make your appointment.