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Marriage is a Choice

Getting married used to be for everyone. It is now much more of an individual choice. Now, whether you want or expect to get married depends a lot on your life experiences up until today. If you have had the … Continue reading

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He Is Trying To Control Me: Resistance Is NOT Futile

What can you do if someone you love is doing something that’s bad for him, bad for you, breaking agreements that you have made, refusing to acknowledge that there’s anything wrong, and blaming you, telling you that you’re crazy for … Continue reading

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

     This article is reprinted with permission from an email I received from Dr. Ofer Zur. It is very important and I am grateful that he allowed me to share it with you.     "That only happens to … Continue reading

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Why Have A Pre-Nuptial Agreement? A Simple Explanation

  Marital Agreements   Jill Klancke & David Cook        In today's society entering into financial marital agreements prior to marriage is becoming pretty common. I've heard friends and clients say that they find the idea of entering into such an … Continue reading

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Am I Ever Going To Meet The Right Man To Marry?

  Jessica wants to get married but her boyfriend won't marry her. He says they are "just friends" but she is 32 and they have been together for 14 years and "living as a couple" for much of that time. … Continue reading

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