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He Is Trying To Control Me: Resistance Is NOT Futile

What can you do if someone you love is doing something that’s bad for him, bad for you, breaking agreements that you have made, refusing to acknowledge that there’s anything wrong, and blaming you, telling you that you’re crazy for … Continue reading

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Be One of Those Couples You Envy

Read this letter if you have any questions at all about how good relationships actually work. The letter is about a book release with lots of great premiums. I have read Secrets of Happy Couples: Loving Yourself, Your Partner and, … Continue reading

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Multiple Accounts Often Make Sense

Consider having both separate and joint accounts, and decide which expenses will be paid from which account. Most people feel happier and more empowered when they don’t need to account to anyone else about their personal spending. There’s no single … Continue reading

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We nearly derailed ourselves [+ time-sensitive contest]

What happened next is one example of the law of unintended consequences.   We kept being asked to teach what we were learning and we might have continued to have quiet psychotherapy and training business, but it would've stopped there: … Continue reading

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Your Video Gift Is Ready

I used my time at home to nurture our newly created Denver TA Community, continue my own TA training and even begin to teach some of the classes we were offering. Since the only training was aimed at therapists, I … Continue reading

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