Receiving Love

Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself
Be Loved
by Harville hendrix and Helen Hunt, is a long (320 pages) and greatly expanded and enhanced development of the ideas in Hendrix’s first book. You can take a look at it yourself by clicking on the title.

I loved Hendrix’s first book, “Getting the Love You Want” when I first encountered it in the late 1980’s and have used it with many couples. I like this book just as much, although I haven’t tested using it with clients yet.

Hendrix and Hunt are trained in Transactional Analysis, as I was, and we have many similar learning experiences.

I absolutely share their views that early experiences greatly
impact the choices we make as adults. I also agree that we use
our relationships to try to resolve problems left over from
early experiences.

In fact, you may not know that my doctoral work was about how to resolve those problems. It resulted in a book, “An Action Plan for Your Inner Child: Parenting Each Other,” which is a blueprint for doing healing work in self-help groups.

A few copies of this are still available from us at our Empowerment Systems website.

Hendrix and Hunt’s work tends to be very thorough and detailed
explanations of why and how problems arise in relationships and
how to address those problems. If you like that kind of detail,
I recommend their book

If you’re more interested in a simple “How To…” manual, My
electronic workbook, “Being Happy Together: How to Create a
Fabulous Relationship With Your Life Partner in Less Than an
Hour a Week
” is also about creating a loving, lasting relationship.

Hendrix, Hunt and Laurie Weiss (me) all have the same goals.
And sometimes I dream about helping as many people find
happiness as Hendrix and Hunt have helped.

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