It’s Almost Ready

Remember the contest: We want to give away a copy of the Being Happy Together Program, the bonuses and the special bonus as well.

To win it write and let us know why you want/need to have it. Post your entry as a comment here. If we decide that your entry is the best you'll be able to download the entire program absolutely free. This contest will close tomorrow (Monday, October 4) night at midnight ET, so get your entry in right away.

We will be releasing the program tomorrow, as soon as we announce the contest winner. I will send you an email about how to get it.
Here are the answers to some questions you probably have about the program.
I’ve shared this story before so I’ll keep it brief. One day when I had set aside time to do some writing about business relationships, I literally dreamed a completely different booklet. All of the things I kept saying over and over again to the couples I was working with were tumbling through my mind.
124tipsI couldn't get to the computer fast enough. I typed for hours — until my butt was paralyzed. The ideas kept flowing and I completed the work the next day. I worked with a group of amazing people — my R & D team — who helped me refine what I had written into the booklet, 124 Tips for Having A Great Relationship.

That booklet started everything, and it's actually one of the bonuses for the Being Happy Together Program.

Then I started expanding each of the tips I had written and including an assignment couples could do together to enhance their relationships. Eventually I put everything together into a program that any couple can use to learn what Jon and I already practiced and taught to the troubled couples we helped.

We've had lots of feedback about how easy it is to use. Couples have told us how un-pressured, rewarding and effective it is to use one of 125 different activities just once a week and almost magically feel closer and more loving toward each other.

And it takes less than an hour a week of your busy schedule.
Of course that's not all. You'll also get 2 hours of bonus audio recordings and a copy of the original booklet. Then there is the incredibly funny and profound ebook, The Daughter-in-Law Rules:101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make Friends with) Your Mother-in-Law! that my friend Sally Shields has generously offered to share with you.
If you're one of the first 50 people to take advantage of this offer you will get an additional recording of Jonathan and me discuss the impact unresolved feelings from past relationships may have on your current relationship.
I am thrilled to be re-releasing The Being Happy Together Program with these wonderful bonuses to celebrate our 50th anniversary. I know that your relationship is too important to ignore. You too deserve a fantastic relationship with your life partner and using this program will help you have it.
Remember you still have ONE MORE DAY to enter the contest. All you need to DO to win it is to write and let us know why you want/need to have a free copy of The Being Happy Together Program. Post your entry as a comment here and we will choose the winner by Midnight ET Monday, October 4.
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