It’s Finally Ready and I Need Your Help

Finally, finally, finally! The Facebook page for "99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Saying I Do" is ready for visitors. will take you directly to the welcome page. Once you click the "like" button you will be offered two e-books and an MP3 downloadable recording.
E-Book: Married 50 Years, E-Book: 24 Tips for Having a Great Relationship and MP3 Audio: Secrets of Relationship Development .
When you go to the wall you'll see the wonderful advice that women have for each other about marriage. I'm starting to post the responses to my question, "What do you wish you had known before you got married?"
I'm excited about the page because I'm ready to start spreading the word about my new book. It will be ready in a few months and I want lots of people to know about it when we release it.
I actually finished the first draft of the book just a few days ago! Hooray!!! There's lots more work to do but I'm very excited to be done with that part.
If you are on Facebook PLEASE go to the page and "like" it and tell your friends about it. That's all. I need to have 25 "likes" in order to secure the name of the page as quickly as possible.
And I may be prejudiced, but I think this book is going to fill a real need women have to know what marriage is really all about or they say "I do." And I suspect that it's going to be useful to men as well.
Watch for another e-mail very soon about the relationship recording I made with Coach Steve Toth of the Mind Body and Soul show on Real Coaching Radio-TV Network.

Go to right now and click the "like" button right now.

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