It Happened!

It happened! Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic
Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid
Relief with Logosynthesis®)
 has ten 5-star reviews on


See the reviews for yourself at! They are labeled this

  • Miraculous!
  • Surprisingly effective! Definitely recommended
  • Letting It Go is an easy and quick read on a
    complicated topic.
  • Try it for yourself, it is amazing!
  • A "must have" of many uses.
  • I recommend this book to anyone.
  • Amazing Results
  • "Letting" is just the word!
  • What a great method I can't believe how different I
    felt and …
  • What a wonderful and inspiring book.

I am very excited that this book really is making a
difference for lots of people!

Need I say more? Get your copy now! It is available in
print and as an ebook most places books are sold. Your
bookstore can order it for you. Audio is coming soon.

Libraries will consider offering a book with 25
reviews, so after you read your copy, please add your
review to the list.

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