Marriage is a Choice

Getting married used to be for everyone. It is now much more of an individual choice. Now, whether you want or expect to get married depends a lot on your life experiences up until today.

If you have had the experience of coming from a family where your parents expected you to go to college–and you did, you are much more likely to expect to marry at some time in your future.

On the other hand, if you started your independent life right after high school, or even before that, then you probably have friends who are not particularly interested in marriage.

These are social trends and I am not judging, just reporting about them. I don’t know why, I just have seen lots of statistics about what seems to be happening.

Of course, trends do not speak for individuals and no matter what your background, you may fall into the marrying or not-marrying group.

Personally, I believe that deciding to have children is an excellent reason to decide to marry. Children do best when they have loving relationships with adults who care for them.

Being married is one way of committing to stay in a relationship and grow together and be there for each other and for your children.

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